My wife and I have had a great experience with Ruth. The money we paid for the sessions and the time we put into it is very much worth the empowering knowledge we gained from her. I feel like my wife and I now have a much richer knowledge of what’s happening with her body’s hormones & fertility than is common for couples. If the time comes for us to pursue having children, I’ll have a much deeper understanding and confidence going into it than I would have otherwise. Presently, as my wife and I avoid pregnancy, we feel completely empowered about how to do that very successfully. Plus, Ruth is a stellar teacher. I’d earnestly recommend her to any married couple.”
Blake, using Creighton since December 2014

My husband and I wanted a Natural Birth Control method after 3 years of marriage. We were hesitant because we didn’t know if such a thing existed. Our friends laughed & mocked us. ‘What do you mean you’re getting off of birth control, but you don’t want to get pregnant?’ We became the butt of a lot of jokes & had bets against us….So far, the joke’s on them! Through a series of events, we were hooked up with Ruth. I was extremely comfortable with her right away. Her youth actually drew me in. She is completely relatable & honest and SHE uses the system! She’s more than just a helper, she’s become a confidant & a counselor all while being professional. She is very knowledgable about the Creighton model & is not one to guess if she doesn’t know. She seeks help & sends me articles that a relevant to my particular situation. She is very supportive and comforting, even when I come to her in a panic. She is very efficient as well. There is no waiting for days to get a response from her. She is truly a blessing to our family (of 2) and I would can not recommend her enough. You will be extremely blessed to have her in your corner.”
Michelle, using Creighton since September 2015 

Working with Ruth has been a wonderful experience! She is so knowledgeable and helpful every step of the process. I have had friends try to learn the Creighton Method on their own and I can’t say enough about the difference having a qualified teacher makes. The Creighton Method has helped me understand my body and made me feel empowered about my health. I am not currently married or sexually active but I feel confident that when that time does come I am well-prepared to use Creighton as a means of family planning. I was so excited to learn that this is a trusted method that allows me to stay true to my personal and theological convictions regarding birth control. I was blown away with how little I knew about my reproductive system prior to learning the Creighton method and I now consider that knowledge invaluable when it comes to making informed choices about my body and health. The teaching process made sure the core concepts were drilled into my head and went at a pace that made integrating the Creighton method into my life feel manageable.”
Emily, using Creighton since August 2015

I never would have imagined that the answer to my health issues was going OFF of the pill, and being educated about how my body was created to work FOR me, not against me. Whether you’re ready to start a family or not, THIS is for you. The Creighton Method should be taught as soon as any girl hits puberty. It’s been a life changer for us!”
Sarah, using Creighton since August 2015

“I was on the pill until Ruth explained to me what it was actually doing to my body. In a 15 minute conversation with Ruth one day, I decided to stop taking the pill and give Creighton a shot. I realized that though I’m 26 years old and have been married for a year and a half, I had never really understood what my body is doing and how my cycle affects me – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have been SO PLEASED with this new system and now my husband and I actually UNDERSTAND my body!! We also feel like we have a deeper appreciation of God’s design for sex and it has strengthened our marriage. We HIGHLY recommend Creighton Model and especially Ruth as teacher!!!”
Hannah, using Creighton since October 2015 

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