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Why use the Creighton Model System?

It may be surprising to learn that for the majority of a woman’s menstrual cycle, it is impossible for pregnancy to occur. Women are fertile only for a short time each menstrual cycle and outside of this window of fertility, conception is impossible. The Creighton Model System involves understanding the cyclic variations of fertility and infertility that naturally occur within a woman’s menstrual cycle and using this information to time intercourse appropriately in order to achieve or avoid pregnancy based on the couple’s intentions.

There are multiple reasons for using a natural method of family planning rather than artificial forms of contraception, such as birth control pills or barrier methods. Some of these reasons are:

It is completely safe.

There is no reason to put artificial hormones into your body and risk harming yourself, either temporarily or permanently. You have everything you need to plan your family already, and the Creighton Model System teaches you how to work with the natural rhythms of your own body and plan your family in a way that poses no risk to you or to your future children.

It gives you information you have a right to know.

You have a right to know how your body works and how to intelligently plan your family. Artificial methods of contraception rob you of this right by altering the makeup of your body and covering up all of the biomarkers that inform you as to what is going on inside your body on any given day. When these methods fail and pregnancy occurs, it can come as a complete shock. The Creighton Model System, on the contrary, works with your body and gives you the tools you need to discern whether you are fertile or infertile on a given day – and then lets you make your own choices in line with your intentions. In other words, there are no “taking chances” with the Creighton Model System – you will have full knowledge about your body every day.

It can be used to avoid or to achieve pregnancy.

The Creighton Model System has no inherent bias for or against pregnancy; it simply gives you the power to understand your body and then to make choices based on your own intentions. If your intention is to avoid pregnancy, the Creighton Model System can be used effectively to space pregnancy based on your goals, while still respecting your fertility. So if your intentions change and you hope to achieve pregnancy, you haven’t done anything that could harm your fertility and the same knowledge you used to avoid pregnancy can now be used to achieve pregnancy.

It is good for women.

The Creighton Model System upholds the power and dignity of women by respecting the natural functioning of their bodies as the starting point for questions of family planning. We reject methods of family planning that treat a healthy woman’s body as if it is diseased and must be “cured” by artificial hormones that alter her natural cycles, and we instead promote an approach that works cooperatively with the natural reproductive cycle. Because at the end of the day, the design of the female body wasn’t a mistake; it is in fact what sustains the entire human race.

It is good for marriages.

The Creighton Model System provides married couples an opportunity to understand each other more deeply by giving them a keener sense into their own bodies and how they work together to create and sustain new human life. The Creighton Model System also equips couples to explore and develop other realms of their relationship and discover what it truly means to be united, body and soul.

Finally, it works.

The Creighton Model System boasts effectiveness rates as high as 99% (perfect use) and 96% (typical use) for avoiding pregnancy, and when used to achieve pregnancy is 98% effective within the first six months. These numbers compete with any artificial form of contraception on the market, and as an added bonus – it’s virtually free.

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