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The Creighton Model System is taught to individual women and couples over the course of eight private follow-ups during a twelve month period. At each follow up, the woman or couple will learn how to accurately chart her cycle, gain confidence in her observations of her body’s biomarkers, and have the incredible benefit of having a trained FertilityCare Practitioner ensure correct understanding and application of the method.

Before registering for follow-ups, each woman or couple must attend an Introductory Session. The Introductory Session is an hour-long presentation that explains the anatomy and physiology behind the system and provides an overview of the Creighton Model System itself.  The Introductory Session can be attended in person or long-distance via Skype and is free.  To schedule an Introductory Session, please fill out the form below.

Long Distance Clients

People can also learn the Creighton Model long distance via Skype or Google Hangouts. Fill out the form below and choose “I would like to schedule a long distance session.”

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